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Kunstner - Artist

Skribent - Writer

Lærer - Teacher

Åndelig Veileder - Spiritual Guidance

Medium - Healer

Varmt Velkommen! 

Orgnr. 926 642 855


kontonr. 3330 31 79 262



vis:  hele / oppsummering

Our Divine SELF

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One of the main reasons why we are born in a physical temple to is relate to each other,

communicate, experience and learn.

When we come to the level of understanding acceptance and the reason is of "being",

then one can feel graditude of the simplest nature.

Understanding that we are a spark of nature creates a humble wellbeing, one becomes soft within and feels love to every living particle of the universe as well as within our divine SELF.

~ Liberty


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To Be who you were born to be is an absolute. When the absolute is acknowledged from your soul, you will be able to become the person who was yearning "To Be".

The process is infinite and with your willingness to change, you will be able to climb the highest mountains, reach to the stars and touch the moon.

~ Liberty

The Golden Spiral

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The golden spiral principle is built on the first spark of energy that has ever been produced in our parallel universe.

It is complete, simple, it repeats itself, through all energy, through all living species, throughout source.

The source is what created the energy, a fraction of beauty in endlessness of unconditional love.

~ Liberty


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Freedom comes when we finally make the choice to give away a part of ourselves that has been using our attention and energy.

We choose to use our energy in another direction that will be of more value to ourselves.

Freedom to choose when to change direction and also have a "knowing" that the choice was made from our soul contract, becomes a feeling of utter joy and relief.

To release boundaries and to admit to vast fields of new ideas is a choice based on FREEDOM. Choose wisely.

~ Liberty